About the Club 

Welcome to the Conway Owners Club here at www.conwayowners.org.uk. The club was started in 1989 for people who owned Conway Trailer Tents and Folding Campers and is now well established with a nationwide membership. Even if you are not a Conway owner, but enjoy camping or going out in your caravan or motorhome membership is open to you.

The aims of the club are to: 

  • To provide social and leisure activities for the mutual enjoyment of owners of Conway and other types of camping and leisure units.
  • To provide advice, services and benefits for members
  • To provide opportunities for the exchange of information and to provide practical assistance in connection with all models of Conway Trailer Tents and Folding Campers. 

If you join the Conway Owners Club you will be made welcome whatever type of unit, caravan or motorhome you own.


We hold rallies and gatherings all over the country from March to October, indeed some of our members go out throughout the year and no matter what the event everyone is welcome. This gives members a chance to visit other parts of the country and meet others who share camping as a common interest. We have found that so many friendships have been forged through the club that often, members meet up through the closed season at non-camping events.

Everyone is welcome to join in the organised activities on our rallies, such as treasure hunts, sports, barbecues, discos - the list is endless. The idea is to provide fun for all those who want it, but if your idea of a perfect day is to sunbathe or explore, the choice is yours.

If the weather is not as good as we would like, a party tent is available at our larger rallies. It is used during the day as a games, drawing or activities room for the children and at night as an area for the adults to meet and socialise.


The club produces its own magazine, Contours, filled with interesting features, rally reports, a members' letters page, funny stories, competitions and classified ads. 

We  have our own line of camping & casual wear.

To find out more about the objectives, membership rules and other aspects of the Club, please see our Constitution

There is something for everyone in the Conway Owners Club, so why not join the Club and take advantage of all that being a member of the Conway Owners Club brings. 

Membership covers the family unit, regardless of how many children there are.