1978 and 1980 - 1984

Campa 2

The Campa was one of the first modern trailer tents from the Conway stable, with production starting in 1978 (although the name had been used since 1973) and continuing on until 1984. During this time, the Campa underwent a few changes, both in terms of size, and colour schemes.

The 1978 Campa had an awning area of 200cm x 400cm, and was produced in brown and orange.


In 1979, the Campa took a one year break in production, and was replaced, just for that one year, by the Conway Crown.


In 1980, the Campa returned, and had become much larger, using the 5 pole roof construction (rather than the 3 pole of the earlier models). Although the awning was still 200cm deep, it was slightly wider, at 440cm.


1981 saw another change, with the addition of a middle extension piece. The awning was very slightly wider, at 450cm, and the new extension too the awining depth from 200cm to 300cm.


In 1982, the colour changed from orange and brown to brown and beige. The awning was narrowed back down to 400cm wide, but the extension piece remained. This can clearly be seen in pictures 4 and 5.


The final change came in 1983, when the canvas colour reverted back to orange and brown. The only other change was that the awning was shortened from 300cm to 280cm (including extension).


In the early eighties, as overnight stops became more prevalent, the Campa acquired a 100cm canopy, thereby allowing the it to be used without the main awning in place. The Campa DL came with a slightly upgraded interior, fitted storage cupboards and choice of kitchen. In it's most basic format, the kitchen was just a glorified shelf unit, allowing the user to select their own cooker etc. The alternative was the full blown kitchen unit, as installed in the Conway Corniche, which included two burner hob and grill, stainless steel sink and drawer unit.


There are a couple of brochures below, along with a copy of the latest original setup instructions, from 1984, plus a brief, owner filmed, video walkthrough of an older model Campa DL and a number of older sets of setup instructions. are grateful to Blue Sky Holdings for permission to reproduce the information above.

Unit Type: Conway Campa Trailer Tent (Discontinued Model)

Berths: Four (Plus four in optional under bed pod) 

Canvas Colour:




 Brown / Orange




 Brown / Coq Orange                                                     




 Brown / Beige




 Brown / Coq Orange

Conway Brochures
 that include the Campa: 1983/84   1981

Setup Instructions: 1978  1981  1983  1984

User Manuals: 1986 (nearest found)



Floor Plans:
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   1983  1984

Walkthrough Video: 

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