1981 and 1982 - 1984

Colt 6

The Colt was another one of those Conway trailer tent models with a relatively brief life cycle, running from 1981 to 1984.

It was always marketed as a budget, entry level model in the range, with a straightforward 2 metre x 4 metre awning (although a sun canopy was available as an optional extra).


The 1981 version of the Colt was a simple, flat fronted design, in brown, orange and beige being a budget model, it did not come with a kitchen unit at all.


In 1982, whilst the design and specifications remained exactly the same, the canvas colour was changed to brick and beige. This colour scheme remained until the cessation of production in 1984, although, in 1983, the model was changed, slightly, to incorporate a peak canopy at the front. At the same time, the Colt Deluxe was also introduced, to give a slightly upmarket feel to the marque, and including side cupboards and the Conway kitchen.

Below there are copies  of the relevant Conway Sales Brochures, as well as the setup instructions for the 1981 model. Below, we also have the setup instructions for the 1983 and 1984 models, as well as a brief video produced by a Colt owner, of what appears to be a 1983 / 1984 model. are grateful to Blue Sky Holdings for permission to reproduce the information above.

Unit Type: Conway Colt Trailer Tent (Discontinued Model)

BerthsFour (Plus four in optional under bed pods) 

Canvas Colour:





 Brown / Beige / Orange                                              





 Brick / Beige

Conway Brochures that include the Colt: 1981   1983/84  

Setup Instructions: 1981   1983   1984 

User Manual: 1986

Colt stats

Floor Plans:
1981                                    1982                          1982  1983  1984
C1  C2   C3

Walkthrough Video:

colt 1 colt 6colt 1984 colt 5Colt 8 Colt 3 Colt 4colt 7 Colt 1