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The Conway Countryman first came into existence in 1995, and is one of only two Conway models that remain in production today (albeit as part of the Pennine range of folding campers).


Initially, the Countryman was introduced in 1995, and continued for three years, until 1997, after which it ceased for just one year. It was re introduced, in 1999, when it was re branded as the Countryman II. This continued for a further two years, and, by 2001, it was back to, simply, the Countryman. This model continued until 2003, when production moved to The Pennine Group (now Pennine Outdoor Leisure Limited). Details, specifications etc of the Pennine manufactured version of the Countryman can be found here.


On introduction, the Countryman was available in a bottle green and light grey canvas, which continued until 1996. This changed to bottle green and beige for 1997. When reintroduced, in 1999, the colour scheme had changed to a tri colour format of saule, bottle green and gazelle. This continued for a further two years, until 2001, when it underwent its final change to marine blue and beige. This colour scheme continued until production was transferred to Pennine in 2003. Dimensions did not change significantly, but there were some changes, particularly in awning size. In the dimensions section, above, the higher figure, where applicable, represents the dimensions when the Countryman was first introduced. The lower figures are the post 1999 Countryman / Countryman II.


The Countryman was, originally, introduced to fill the middle ground between the entry level Challenger and the higher specification Cruiser. At the time, it was, also, pitched as a direct competitor to the Pennine Fiesta, which is ironic, as the modern day Fiesta and Countryman are now built on an identical trailer base, with identical canvas, and are only, in fact, different internally.


The Countryman was a four berth, rear entry model, with a fixed settee on either side, and well equiped kitchen unit on the front wall. Behind each bed was a permanently made up double bed. This was different from fellow four berth model, the Challenger, which used one of the double beds to create a settee. On the plus side, the Countryman was more convenient, as both beds could be left permanently made up. On the down side, the permanent settees did eat into available floor space considerably, but the Coutryman did benefit, significantly from its own three way fridge.


Included below are three of the Conway brochures that included the Countryman as well as the specific setup instructions for this model. We have included the first (1995) last (2003) and middle (1999) brochures. 


Also, at the bottom of the page, are some further images, and a setup video of a slightly later Countryman model.

We are grateful to Blue Sky Holdings for permission to reproduce the information above.

Unit Type: Conway Countryman Folding Camper

Berths: Four (Plus four in optional under bed pod)

Canvas Colours:









  Bottle Green / Light Grey









  Bottle Green / Beige





  Saule / Bottle Green / Gazelle  








  Marine Blue / Beige









  Saul Green / Seigle









  Green / Cream









  Green / Beige









  Green / Cream

** Countryman II

Setup Instructions: 2001  2002

Conway Brochures  that include the Countryman:  1995  1996  1997  1999  2000  
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User Manual:  1996  1998  1999  2000  2002  2003


Floor Plan:

Setup Demonstrations: Countryman



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